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Artist Collaboration: Isaac Moraza aka Squeaks Chain Stitch

Artist Collaboration: Isaac Moraza aka Squeaks Chain Stitch

Isaac, aka Squeaks Chain Stitch is a chainstitch artist who is born and raised in Ventura, CA. He uses a 1920s cornely post bed chainstitch machine. This machine not only is a vintage relic, there are very few of them left. They are no longer made in this style so obtaining one is extremely rare. This collection is limited edition and one of a kind. Due to the handmade nature of these pieces, now two hats are alike. Once it sells out will likely not be restocked or reproduced.

We designed our dream five panel varsity dad hat and Isaac created custom chainstitch lettering by hand.  Shop the collab below :)


Name/ig: Isaac Moraza / @Squeaks Chain Stitch

Can you tell us a little about where you grew up?
I was born and raised in the small town of Ventura, CA.


How did you get into embroidery? What inspired you to pursue this craft?
My late uncle, Art, taught me how to sew as a kid, and I always wanted to do something with a sewing machine. After finding out I could essentially tattoo on clothing with a sewing machine, I was hooked.

Have you always considered yourself a maker?
Yes, for sure. I've always been building and making something, from Legos as a kid to making macrame bracelets in middle school and selling those, and then doing some applique on flannels in high school.

What was your journey to get to where you are now?
My uncle had passed when I was in high school, so there was a point where I wanted to continue sewing and one day open a business in his honor. I was also involved in cooking, so I was torn between making money cooking and making art in the clothing industry. I ended up in the food industry for 15 years, moving up the ladder in cooking. I still stitched here and there for fun. Then, about 3-4 years ago, I saw a chainstitch machine video of an old man making a patch on a treadle-powered machine, and that's when the rabbit hole got me sucked into figuring out and finding out what this machine is and what it can do. After my purchase of my first machine, I realized it was completely different from a normal sewing machine. That was the beginning of the learning curve, figuring out everything on my own. Once I got the hang of it, that's when I found a group on Facebook, and oh boy, I was pissed. I hardly use Facebook, so realizing there are mass groups with knowledge on these machines, I was so pissed but sort of proud that I figured out every little mistake and knowing I am not the only one who dealt with the countless struggles of operating these machines.

Chainstitching is very hands-on. What do you love most about this process?
I love the fact that I can physically make someone's idea into something tangible they can wear. I love the sound of the machine stitching at high speeds; it's sort of soothing.

Your embroidery machine is very special. What about it makes it so unique?
So I own a 1920s Cornely post-bed chainstitch machine. This machine not only is a vintage relic, but there are very few of them left. They are no longer made in this style, so obtaining one is sort of rare. This machine is stretched taller than a normal machine, and it has a ball-like shaft that allows one to work with fully assembled garments with ease and allows one to work on hats. Disneyland used to make all their mouse ears with one of these machines. Now it's all digital, which sort of took the fun out of getting a hat made.

What do you love most about the creative community in Ventura?
Ventura is a very artist-positive community. The town always has art events that allow anyone to show off their skills, no matter how beginner or advanced level one might be at. I grew up going to West Park Community Park and learning how to paint, build models, and paper-mache skulls.

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