Muse: Carianne Older

Get to know one of our favorite photographers, Carianne Older, the boss behind the lens at @peggyshootsfilm. Though she's not one to name drop, I won't hold back – her client list includes icons like Olivia Rodrigo, SZA, Playboy, Kali Uchis, Rebecca Black, and Jordyn Woods and many more.  Check out Carianne's dreamy cinematic images here and scroll down to watch us turn the lens on Carianne and learn more about her process, NFTs, & the film photography world.

photos by: Kevin Sikorski  

Carianne wears the scoop back cami and low rise undies in cherry.


rat boi interviews Carianne older of Peggy shoots film

Name & IG

Carianne Older @cariannesays & @peggyshootsfilm
Star sign

Taurus <3

Where you’re from/where you live

I am from South Florida, but I call LA home.Carianne Older aka Peggy Shoots Film wearing RAT BOI cotton basicsProfession

 I am a professional film photographer! 

Favorite music for photoshoots

70s/80s rock n roll or Lady Gaga...there's no in between 

Favorite experience as a photographer

Shooting SZA summer of 2021! She was an angel!!! carianne older aka Peggy shoots film wearing RAT BOI cotton basicsDigital or film?


Favorite film camera

my Yashica T4! How did you get into photography?

 I was bored working a 9-5 and I needed a creative hobby and photography is what I chose!

Who are some of your influences?

David Lynch, Nadia Lee, David Bowie, 80/90s Horror films, the pinup era, and obviously old playboy mags.Does modeling help you as a photographer and vice versa?

Absolutely! At this point, I am a professional poser. I have clients that come to me who do not know how to pose/model at all and I always tell them it's no issue, I will help guide them the entire way through the shoot! 

What advice would you give to someone who is hoping to grow their brand online?

Find something you really love and stick to it! You can't do everything, so stick to 1 or 2 things and be super consistent! People will find you, and know you for whatever it is that makes you special. For me, that thing is film photography & shooting beautiful portraits, most of them of women.

You recently delved into the NFT world– how do you think our digital world will affect the future of art? 

I think it'll heavily affect the future of the digital art world in a huge way. this gives small artists all over the world a way to make money off their artwork. It's genius. I'm very into the world myself, I'm gearing up to launch my own collection. Favorite way to style ur RB set?

I love to style it with some gold jewels and a cute pair of socks, and maybe some cut off Levi shorts on top!

Anything I'm missing/you’d like to add?


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Muse: Carianne Older

Photographer: Kevin Sikorski

Location: Florida

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