Muse: Allie Clark

Meet a real life angel, Allie Clark.  She is a performer, yogi, voice teacher, and just all around beautiful human.  Being in her presence is like bathing in a warm, cozy light.  She truly sees the best in every person and radiates love on the most authentic level. Allie brings this perspective as well as over 16 years of experience into her voice coaching.   She received her training and license as a “Heart Based” singing instructor from the renowned voice teacher, Agatha Carubia, Juilliard graduate and teacher of Katie Perry, amongst other internationally acclaimed singers.  She has developed her own unique approach to teaching called Voice Alchemy.  Allie is also expecting her first baby in March :) Read more about her experience as a singer as well as her journey into motherhood below. To book a voice lesson with Allie, check out her website.  


 Name & IG

Allie Clark @allieclarkmusic & @alliekasterclark

Star Sign 


Where you’re from/where you live

Born and raised in Santa Barbara, currently living in Los Angeles


Singer, voice teacher, yoga instructor



 When did you first discover your joy in singing?

When I was 7 and started singing in a choir; I loved the harmonies, and the feeling of performing.

Who are some of your influences/dream duets?

Ella Fitzgerald, Joan Baez , Freddie Mercury

You use a method of teaching called Voice alchemy, can you tell us a little more about that and what benefits it provides to your students?

Using my knowledge and experience of classical pedagogy, my years practicing yoga, and my intuition, I guide my students to discover there most authentic, and vibrant voice. This technique leads to extension and flexibility of the vocal range, getting in touch with breath support, allowing the singer to sustain longer phrases and create more volume, finding the resonance and air flow necessary to allow vibrato to be expressed in the most natural and healthy way, richening of the tone, color, and musical expression of the voice, as well as deep healing and balance of the chakras through sound.

What is your favorite thing about singing?

The ability to touch others, and feel euphoric in body, mind and soul all at once.

What is your favorite thing about teaching others to sing?

I absolutely love seeing the joy in my students when they are in the throws of singing, and feeling themselves; when they are glowing.


You’re expecting your first baby in March, what are you most looking forward to about being a mom?

Infusing love into every moment possible with my baby.

How do you find time for yourself during this time?

No matter how busy I am, I take time to practice yoga, breath in gratitude, even if the session is a few minutes long.

What is your favorite way to style your RB set?

I have loved wearing high waisted sweatpants, over my ratboi low rise underwear, and just the bra on top, with my hair in a top knot with a matching scrunchie. And cozy slippers. That’s my current uniform!

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