Muse: Angela Trimbur

You already know Angela Trimbur – she's a dancer, actress, writer, and dance instructor living and teaching in NY.  Sharing her movement and choreography has brought many together including her virtual dance offerings during quarantine which attracted hundreds of thousands across the globe.  Her unique classes allow everyone to get outside of their head and into a free spirited version of accessible dance.  She is also a breast cancer survivor and has created a video messaging support group via Marco Polo, providing members with a safe space to discuss and relate their experiences with others who understand. We were thrilled to spend the morning in LA with Angela as she shared her thoughts on dance, life, and healing. Read more about our conversation below...

Angela wears the perfect scoop bodysuit in onyx and body butter, scoop back cami in heather grey, and low rise undies in heather grey. 

Star Sign

Cancer Sun/ Aquarious Moon/ Libra Rising 

Where you’re from/Where you currently live
Bucks County PA / Brooklyn NY

Dancer/ Actress / Writer 
How long have you been dancing and how did you get started?
My mom opened a children's dance studio called "Pitter Patter" when i was six and my sister and I were her prized students. We knew all the routines so we could demonstrate in classes. Kinda like little assistants. It was like our second home. We loved it. 

"everyone deserves to dance, it scientifically makes you feel happier"

What’s your philosophy on dance?
Everyone can dance, those who say they can't are prob limiting themselves based on comparison to professionals! Or maybe someone long ago told you you looked like a wet noodle when you danced or something and you never forgot that. But dance is in everyone. It's just everyone's way of movement is different. Which is cool! Not everyone is Beyonce' backup dancer. But everyone deserves to dance, it scientifically makes you feel happier. And sure you can improve with practice, like anything. If you wanted to. But you don't have to. So stop saying "I'm not a dancer." You: are! I don't think of it as an equivalent to painting or sculpting per say. More like running,'s an action the body does. And feels really good to do!
Was there a particular age that you realized you were using movement as a form of expression?
My mom was a really great dance teacher, she really was. She once told my little sister and I while she was driving us around running errands, to close our eyes and listen to this classical music that was playing on the radio, and imagine what our own personal choreography we'd do for it would look like. I never forgot that. It made me think outside of someone else's movement, and think for myself. She was giving us permission to do that. 

"dancing in front of a mirror is my vessel of finding new ways to love my body and see it as a gift"

Have you experienced healing through movement? In what ways?
I noticed the way I dance has changed over the years from before cancer..through it...and beyond it. I am way more connected to my body now, and see dance as a way to communicate with myself. Dancing in front of a mirror is my vessel of finding new ways to love my body and see it as a gift.
 How do you feel your life experiences affect your art?
I'm a big believer in The Universe having a wonderfully wise winky way of guiding you through life. If you keep your eyes and mind open to clues, it's all linking to the next creative idea or inspiring friend or hard life lesson that will shed light on some much needed clarity. So just trusting that everyday is unfolding as it's planned somehow. 
Who is your favorite dancer and why?
Twyla Tharp inspires me oh so much. I gobbled up all her books and bought myself a front row seat to her ballet TWYLA NOW last month in NY. She sat a few rows behind me; I was star struck. I kept trying to peek back to watch her watching face.  Her discipline inspires me and I love the humor in her wildly precise Out Of The Box choreography.
What is your favorite type of music to dance to?
Oh it all! Well, anything but EDM. I need a story/lyrics and feelings and techno is too repetitive for me, one vibe. (but if you love it thats great for you!) I recently got into line dancing out here in the city, opened up a whole new world of dancing style to explore too. But favorites per say. 
What do you think is one of the most valuable lessons you’ve learned in pursuing your dream?
Toss out anything that doesn't feel fulfilling, it isn't worth it! You'll find your way if you only hop on lily pads that challenge you in a cool way. It'll feel electric. You'll know it when you're on it. It'll lead to more glowing lily pads. I promise?

 "Teaching dance gives me the most joy i can't even describe it in a full justice way. It just feels like a calling and honoring it has made my heart skyrocket."

Where do you currently teach? 

I teach every Sunday in person in NYC, the classes have been growing so fast and I have a little gratitude cry almost every Sunday eve in the epson salt bath. Truly. Teaching dance gives me the most joy i can't even describe it in a full justice way. It just feels like a calling and honoring it has made my heart skyrocket.  New York has a huge dance community and I am meeting so many exciting artists. I want to collaborate and find fresh ways of moving through those new connections. I have been dancing alone through the pandemic and I am stoked to merge bodies again. 

"we can just throw on weighted wrist/ankle bracelets (Balas actually) and have a pillow fight with a part of our week that we didn't enjoy"

 Do you have any virtual classes for students who aren’t NY-based?

I do teach online zoom classes from my loft, which opened a whole new world of connection. I started doing Apathetic Aerobics on Saturdays which is working out without the peppy forced typical energy an aerobics class requires. We sweat to sad emo angry music. It's such an easy transition for me to just turn on my computer since I don’t have to hype myself up, and there are always some deeper emotions to explore. It feels healthier to work through those feelings vs push them aside for an hour.  We don't have to put on a happy face, we can just throw on weighted wrist/ankle bracelets (Balas actually) and have a pillow fight with a part of our week that we didn't enjoy. Or a part of our personality we wanna break from. You'll get a full body workout I swear. Just "come" to a class one Saturday and check it out. It's a perfect way to start the weekend, imho. 
Also teaching choreography classes online! Soon! has all the deets. 
How would you describe your dancing style?
warm microwaved cornbread with PopRocks inside
What’s your favorite way to style your RAT BOI pieces?
it's the the leotard with the silk boxers white socks and Mary Janes with hair up in a scrunchie for me

Anything else you’d like to add?
Life is too short. It's up to you to find your own way of enjoying it ! ! ! ! ! 

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