Muse: Lyric Mariah

Get to know Lyric Mariah – she is strong, driven, beautiful, talented, and exudes more (humble) confidence than anyone I have met.  When she's not walking the runway at the Savage X Fenty Show, you will find Lyric modeling, dancing, and creating.  She's currently working on a new collaborative project called My Camera Your Hands putting her film camera in the hands of creatives while she models.  Check out photos from her latest shoot, and get to know a little more about Lyric below <3

photos by: Maddy Aiken

Lyric wears the scoop back bra and high rise undies in cherry.
RAT BOI xx Lyric Mariah

Name & IG

Lyric Mariah, @phenixsoul

Star Sign

Cancer :)

RAT BOI xx Lyric Mariah

Where you’re from/where you live

I'm originally from Chicago and I'm now based in Los Angeles


Model at the moment but all around creative

RAT BOI xx Lyric Mariah
How did you get into modeling?

My ex (boyfriend at the time) was a photographer and we both went to the same college and he asked me via ig one day if I would help him with a project for breast cancer awareness and that was the start of it.

Favorite experience as a model

honestly whenever I'm on a campaign set regardless of who it's with becomes my favorite, they all have different ways of making you feel special and seen.
RAT BOI xx Lyric Mariah
When I met you the biggest thing that stood out to me was your confidence (and I mean obviously you’re gorgeous) – was confidence something you were born with or was it a journey?

first thank you :) , second I believe we are all born with confidence but some of us (myself included) definitely have to go on a journey of finding it within and learning to be ok with being ok with yourself and who you are and having the confidence to go up against yourself first.

Can you tell us a little about My Camera Your Hands and what inspired this project?

I just love the idea of seeing myself through the eyes of my peers.. photographer or not, I just hand the camera over and I let them do their thing. its so interesting to see what people decide to capture and what angle they find to be my most flattering... because it helps let go of this idea that you have to look one way forever to be or feel beautiful to the outside world, because truth it every individual sees your beauty through a completely different scoop.
RAT BOI xx Lyric MariahWhat do you want to see more of in the fashion industry?

talent and skill over name and status.

You’ve already accomplished so much in your career, what are you manifesting for this year?


How would you describe your personal style?

A daily change, because I'm a new girl everyday

Favorite way to style ur RB set? 

my red set!!!! literally the cutest most comfortable, however I do love the one piece version! *coming soon;)*

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Muse: Lyric Mariah

Photographer: Maddy Aiken

Location: Los Angeles, CA

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