Rat Boi Summer Camp Catalog

Sophia and Michael: Creating Art Together

Sophia, a cinematographer from Hawaii Kai, O'ahu, and Michael, a painter hailing from Meridian, California come together every season to create art. "It's a great way to reminisce about life during that era - through the creation of art and memories," says Michael. This season, we had the special honor of being part of their journey. With the intention of learning new skills and capturing their individual styles, they embarked on a trip to Lake Tahoe and produced a catalog titled "rat boi summer camp."

Sophia, typically behind the camera, stepped into the role of modeling, while Michael, the master painter, found himself behind the lens for the first time ever. "Transitioning from always being behind the lens to directing someone else to capture the vision I had in my mind was an incredible collaboration. It felt like giving someone a crash course in my decade of experience, sharing everything I know while trying to play both the model and the art director. The result was something I could have never even imagined," explains Sophia.

Join us on a mystical journey through the woods, across the lake, and experience rat boi summer in our very first catalog medium.


i dream of creating like this!! GORGEOUS and going on my moodboard

natalie Goldstein August 02, 2023

Love it all! Spent two summers in the Tahoe area and I’m soaking in the nostalgic vibes ❤️

Stellar August 02, 2023

BEAUTIFULLLL these definitely make me feel a funsummer nostalgia and wants you to go out!

Cassandra August 01, 2023

Absolute brilliance! I want to spend the rest of my life at Rat Boi Summer Camp. ☀️

Ashley August 01, 2023

Ah! This is so beautiful and oooey goooey 😋

Steph James August 01, 2023

This is such a vibe – i want to live in this catalog – so so beautiful – bravo rat boi, sophia and michael!

lauren July 31, 2023

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I’ve always been an expressive kid. Growing up I constantly covered the walls of my room with paint and murals, changing style in order to find new parts of me every single time. Even as an adult, I am best friends with my inner child. I find that a lot of my inspiration comes from the drive and imagination. Around the age of 12, I discovered a new art known as cinematography. Immediately, my love grew, and I started putting my heart & soul into every film and every project I’ve ever done. I strive to outdo myself with each endeavor. Based in Honolulu, Hawaii, I aim to use my talent to help others express themselves, revealing the beauty within their souls.

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I grew up in a small town on the smallest mountain range in the world. There, I was free to explore with my few friends, stomping down farm roads in the summer sun. My whole life was about creating, but at age 12, I turned to painting as my primary craft.

I had always found a way to make something with my hands. These days I spend my hours making things grow in my garden, and pursuing the mysticism of colors on canvas, always finding inspiration in the core elements of life.

Water, light, and reason to smile.

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